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Ready to drop a TON OF FUN into your child's summer?  Join us September 8th 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. for our FREE Mega Sports Camp!  At Mega Sports Camp, elementary children who have completed kindergarten-fifth grade will choose flag football, soccer, or cheer as a focus.  

It doesn't matter if kids have played all their lives or just started yesterday.  Mega Sports Camp helps kids improve their skills.   Drills and practice games will get kids focused on the fundamentals that make athletes great.  Plus, Mega Sports Camp createds a positive and encouraging environment that pumps up confidence and self-esteem.

Between sports sessions, coaches lead kids in songs, tell stories, and lead huddle discussion groups that help character-building themes take hold in kids' hearts.  Best of all, during our rally times, kids will hear stories from the Bible and discover God's great love for them!

Come on over!  Join the Mega Sports Camp team at Twin Cities Christian Church at 4220 Gifford Road right here in Council Bluffs.  Make sure to register using the online registration form, or submit a printed form to the church office.  The first 80 participants will receive a FREE t-shirt.

Questions?  Contact Matt Beckner at 402-917-0981 or at 

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