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3/30/20 COVID Update

March 30, 2020 

Dear Twin Cities Christian Church Family, 

Well another week passes and each of us continues to adjust to the new normal. During this past week or so I find myself having more time to connect to our heavenly father. I am so thankful he gives me an opportunity to draw close to him. I have seen my fellow church members helping each other and reaching out and being there for our community to assist when needed. It makes my heart leap with joy to see Jesus shining through TCCC. This outreach our TCCC folks are doing exemplifies Matthew 28:18-20 

Pastor Matt continues to produce a weekly sermon. He is really doing a wonderful job with this production. This past Sunday had some really good material. I encourage each of you to not only view the message; I encourage you to pass it on to someone who does not know Jesus or may not have a church home. I am also encouraged to see how our TCCC church board is coming together and having difficult discussions and finding Godly solutions. All of us on the board miss seeing each of you and can’t wait until we are back together face to face. 

I have been in discussion with some of the TCCC supported missions. We all got to hear from our Show-Me friends Ken and Emily this past weekend. Al and Rhonda Juve, situated in Japan, are staying well, and God is showing them ways to continue doing ministry in spite of social distancing. I spoke with Brian from Camp of the Good Shepherd last Wednesday. The camp is still planning to move forward with all of its graded camps and Rally@theCamp! Day on May 30. They will see how the current crisis plays out before they cancel anything. They haven’t had a lot of people registering for camp but they plan to keep registrations open and will refund anyone’s money who pre-registered if they have to cancel camps. 

In addition Camp of the Good Shepherd would like to do a work day during the April/May time frame. They would like to get a large window (which they have) installed in the high, east wall of the chapel before Rally@theCamp Day. Also, they have some concrete work, some construction projects (including installing some replacement doors in three buildings), lots of cleaning up, and some landscaping to do. :) So, any helpers would be appreciated. Please let me know if you have an interest in helping with any of these requests. 

Couple Announcement/Housekeeping items: 

● If you have yet to watch it you can still do so at by clicking the YouTube link at the top of the page and selecting the March 29th playlist, or it can also be found on the Twin Cities Christian Church facebook page or on our church youtube channel. 

● Send a card or letter to someone. You can view our church directory with addresses and phone numbers by going to and clicking on “Member and Friends Directory”. The login is tc3directory and the password is bluffs51501. Click on a name to view full information including address. If you need an updated print copy of the directory, please call me. 

● When do we get to return to normal activities? When Health Department deems it safe 

● How can I continue giving to TCCC? You may give by sending your check through the mail to Twin Cities Christan Church, 4220 Gifford Road, Council Bluffs, Iowa 51501. Mail will be checked and collected regularly. You may give online at by clicking the $ icon at the top of the page. 

● How can I gather around the Lord's table with my family? TCCC believes in the importance of communion and would like to assist your family as you remember Christ's sacrifice for us. Friday, April 3rd, from 4-6pm we will be passing out individual communion elements as well as a guide to help your family as you observe the Lord's Supper together. 

Finally Dave Bayers is putting together a zoom prayer meeting this week. All are welcomed to attend the virtual meeting. The prayer Meeting will be Thursday at 7pm. For those that have the Zoom app already or just go to the zoom site, the meeting ID is: 999 824 2897. The agenda for the meeting is as follows: 

● Meditation Word: Matthew 14:25-33 

● Prayer for Council Bluffs 

● Prayer for the front-line workers 

● Prayer for our nation 

● Prayer for the lost 

Please be safe, look for opportunities for God to use you and love your Neighbors. Have a blessed week. 

God Bless, 

John Stile


Twin Cities Christian Church