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Church History

Twin Cities Christian Church was founded in 1966 as the "Manawa Church of Christ".  For a time, services were held at the Benco Marine Building by Lake Manawa where supply preachers officiated over services, and twelve families comprised our charter members.  In short time, a house was purchased in Twin City Plaza which became the worship center and is currently the parsonage, and the name was changed to Twin Cities Christian Church. 

In 1970, the church purchased property at 2405 W South Omaha Bridge Road which included the Taveler's Cafe and 4 1/2 acres of property.  The first worship service was held at the new location on February 14, 1970.  

In 1992, we were challenged to, "Rise up and build." Groundbreaking for the current church building was held on October 9, 1994.  With a great deal of giving time and monies by the members, the new worship center was completed and the first service was held in our new facility on May 12, 1996.  

Our mission today remains the same:  to win souls to Christ.  We most humbly thank God for those whose hard work paved the way, and we pray for His continued blessing.


Supply preachers from Nebraska Christian College preached in the earliest days of the church.

Supply Preachers:  Loren T. Swedburg and Gene Morehouse- December 1966- May 1967

Nine different ministers have served the church over the years.

Jim Epperson- June 1967 to July 1968

Charles Gash- July 1968 to February 1972

Jim Cormier- February 1972 to June 1978

Ron Fichter- September 1978 to December 1984

Duane Westerfield- March 1985 to June 1985

Scott Weber- August 1985 to July 1992

Dennis Armstrong- November 1992 to November 2002

Mike Galloway- July 2003 to July 2015

Matt Beckner- July 2015 to present


Photo by Tony Simons